Sunday, November 17, 2013

Loots (video)

This first test run with my new microphone setup is me covering a World of Warcraft themed parody of the song "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz, because I am a huge nerd.

There is a lot of exciting new stuff in this video such as:

  • New ukulele! It is in the shape of a heart. <3
  • New microphones! I decided to finally get mics and learn how to use them. There was kind of a learning curve with the preamp but I prevailed in the end I think.
  • New supa fancy video editing
What is not new is the song, it is an old song (viewers familiar with the subject material will be able to tell exactly how old!) but I think the themes are still relevant to this day.

I did not write the lyrics, the authors kindly gave me permission to post this. I heard it years ago and it stuck with me ever since. As far as I know this song does not exist out in the internet so... you're welcome everyone.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Ordinary case of limerence - open mic

This open mic night was at a ukulele workshop at Asilomar many months ago, the West Coast Ukulele Retreat, but I'm only now getting around to sorting through all the video from the workshop. I hesitated over posting this because it's not the most perfect performance, but after sober consideration that certainly had nothing to do with the arbitrary goal I've set for myself of posting five ukulele videos during the next week and trying to juke the count, decided to post it anyway. At any rate, as you can hear, a person couldn't ask for a better audience, ukulele players are awesome.

Limerence is basically the medical condition of having a crush. I wrote this song after reading the Wikipedia page about it.

One day I'll post a clean version of this song after I have either learned to hit an E chord, or to hit some random other chord with composure.