Thursday, November 29, 2012

Back on teh intertubes

About two years ago, had to switch hosting setups, and I promptly and industriously put all the content of the humorous triathlon blog I was writing back up on a new site I set up when I reregistered the domain.

Haha no not really. In real life, the blog's content is in a mysql database somewhere on some server that I downloaded it to—or maybe on a laptop?—and if I were organized I would know where. Having discovered that I'm definitely too lazy to have set up reasonable hosting, found the archive, and re-imported it to wordpress, two years later I have finally decided to go with the "in the cloud" blog.

If I ever find the content again, I might hand-import those articles so they aren't lost forever. It seems like the wayback machine doesn't have a record of it like it has (if unevenly) for the last emilythink incarnation, which itself was lost in another domain renewal procrastrophe.

Meanwhile, I got tired of not having a page on the internet I could ramble to, so here is a page on the internet I can ramble to.

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