Monday, February 04, 2013

Happiness (video)

One of my friends asked for people to contemplate/discuss the meaning of happiness for his birthday instead of presents, so the obvious thing to do was to write a song.

Writing a song on a short deadline about a topic someone else chose was surprisingly different from writing a song about whatever happens to be on my mind at the time and then screwing around with the lyrics for the next six months. It was super educational.

intro: (G - C G D C G -)

verse 1:

You (Am) ask if happiness can be (G) discretely quantified
Does it (D) just live in the (C) moment does it (G/D) interact with (G) time
try to (Am) calculate the (D) math is it an (G) integral or (C) path
Well (Am) I'm still stuck on (C) finding if it’s (D) even well (D7) defined
chorus 1:
Cause (C) happiness is like magic, it’s (G) all just sleight of (D) hand
Or (C) happiness is like dancing, just a (G) different way to (D) stand
And (G / D) happiness is (C) just the (G) road or (Bm) it’s the (Am) destiny (C / D7)
Oh (G) honestly hell (C) if I (G) know, I was (D) hoping (C) you’d tell (G) me

verse 2:
I’ve (Am) read the koans but the answers (G) never come out clear
Can you (D) plan for future (C) happiness if (G) you’re just (D) now and (G) here
Is it (Am) this moment on (D) fire or the (G) marathon (C) entire
or (Am) just run the (C) odometer (D) until you’ve learned to (D7) steer
chorus 2:
Cause (C) happiness is like method acting, (G) you’ve just gotta (D) be it
Or (C) happiness is like porn, you’ve just gotta (G) know it when you (D) see it
And (G/D) happiness is the (C) words we (G) sing or (Bm) happiness is the (Am) key (C / D7)
Aw (G) hell if I know (C / G) anything, I was (D) hoping (C) you’d tell (G) me

If I were (Em) looking for (Bm) wise men I (C) wouldn’t check the (Am) mirror
but (C) you might have more (Bm) luck if your (Am) reflection’s any (D) clearer
of (Em) course you may (Bm) outsource your (C) parables to the (G) blind
if you’re (Am) happy to (C) accept that (D) elephants are just like (D7) twine
chorus 3:
So (C) happiness is like macrame, (G) the content’s in the (D) knots
Or (C) happiness is like quipu, it’s the (G) math we all (D) forgot
And (G / D) happiness is (C) just the (G) loom, or (Bm) it’s what you must (Am) weave (C/ D7)
Ah (G) hell if I can (C) see what’s (G) true, I was (D) hoping (C) you’d tell (G) me

(C - - - G - D - / C - - - G - D - / G D C G Bm - D - / G - C G D C G - - -)
repeat verse 2
chorus 4:
Cause (C) happiness is coming home, it’s (G) finally being (D) found
Or (C) happiness is helping someone (G) else who’s run (D) aground
And (G / D) happiness is the (C) boat you (G) row or (Bm) happiness is the (Am) sea (C / D7)
Oh (G) honestly hell (C) if I (G) know, I was (D) hoping (C) you’d tell (G) me (D)
(G) Honestly hell (C) if I (G) know, (Am / C / D) I was hoping (C) you’d tell (G) me


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